High Speed Internet 
Access For the Daytona Beach Area

Far Reach provides high speed broadband wireless internet access

You don't have to be an engineer to understand how our Wireless service works. We install a small antenna (usually a small box about the size of a child's lunch pail) at our customer's location and point it towards one of our access point locations. Our access point locations connect to our high-speed backbone that has multiple redundant high-speed connections to the Internet. Depending on the customer's situation, we either install a radio network card in her/his computer, or install a firewall/network gateway radio that allows her/his entire network to be on the Internet at the same time. The radio card/gateway is connected to the small antenna and instantly the customer has a broadband, high-speed dedicated network connection! 

   Why should I use Far Reach?

You should use Far Reach if you want a dedicated, always-on, high-speed, high-bandwidth broadband connection. With Far Reach you no longer need  phone lines, we bypass the decaying phone system by making a direct link to our high-speed network. In fact,  High Speed connections of 3 5 mbs for home and business use to full T-1 access.

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Areas of coverage

Daytona Beach Shores,
Daytona Beach -  east of Seagrave

South Daytona
Port Orange

Oceans West Condominium,
Ocean View Condominium, and
Nautilus Condominium

now have high speed access.
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These services will be provided only to businesses and condominiums not residential households at this time.

These services do not require cable modems, xDSL modems or a phone line. It uses regular Ethernet cards (also known as network cards) for your access into the Internet. 
For people not familiar with cable modems (also known as Internet cable in which the modem connects to the same cable as your cable TV), cable modems require Ethernet cards to connect to your computer. Most new computers come with an Ethernet card.

NOTE: If your building cannot accommodate extra wiring, then the alternative will be wireless network cards.

What is an Ethernet card, cable modem, or xDSL modem?
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 Condominiums with the highest requests will have first priority.

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