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When can it be installed?
What is needed. Ethernet card (network card)
Learn what you are paying for.
How fast is it? 1.5Mbps to 1000Mbps


Pricing: $63.95 per month
Install: $150.00 (payments)

When:  now

You may say to yourself 'that is too expensive'. Lets take a look at what the normal internet user pay for 56k dial-up connection.

Now what you need for your computer is a network card (Ethernet card).
That card will cost you about $20 to $50 dollars. Most new computer come with them now. Now you might say to yourself 'more stuff to buy for the computer'. If you are going to do any high speed access you need a network card. With Time Warner Cable you need a network card to connect to their cable modem. With BellSouth you need a network card to connect to a DSL modem. With us all you need is a network card, no modems required.

Included with service:

The Technology:

To give you a clue how fast 10Mbps, 100Mbps, and1000Mbps, You can download a
10 megabyte at 10Mbps in 10 seconds,
10 megabyte at 100Mbps in 1 second, and
10 megabyte with 1000Mbps in 0.1 second.
Our connection to you will be at 10 and 100 Mbps. Maybe at the end of 2000 or in 2001 you will have 1000Mbps with the same copper line that you will connect to us. Those network cards currently cost $700- $1200.

Is this going to be my Internet speed? No.
What will be my maximum internet speed? About 3-3.5Mbps per hook-up. This will increase over the months when newer technology comes out.
Yes but a cable modem says it will go 30Mbps? I have never seen a cable modem go faster than 1 Mbps due to you are sharing the 30Mbps with all your neighbors or the whole town. Also cable systems were not designed for internet or network traffic.

Now what people say about ADSL. Speed is dependent on how close you are to the phone company. Not all areas can receive the service. And this comment I like the most is 'it works good when it works'.

Bandwidth = Money. There is no free bandwidth. In the last four years as an ISP we have seen the internet backbone price decrease by 50%. At the same time your dial-up cost has remained at $20 four the last four years and your dial-up speed has increased from 28k to 56k.

The reason why we can give you the most bandwidth for the price is because we do not use the phone lines or phone company to get you to us for your internet access.

Back to the correct topic. Ethernet technology will be with us for years into the future. The only technology that is faster is fiber optics. Maybe in another 4 to 12 years, BellSouth will have fiber optics running to your house. They are already trying this in parts of Atlanta. The only problem with fiber optics is that the technology is constantly changing and fiber optic equipment is expensive.

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