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It is a cold day with a high of about 60 degrees. It is partly clear.

We have the pictures of the burn out pit at the Iron Horse north of the Daytona Beach area. At noon time it was a little slow but the action will pick up after two. We will make another visit today this afternoon with pictures of the burn out with sound to go with it.


Click here for the burn-out sound were he shifted through gear 1-4. (335k file)

We have pictures of the Jackson Hole Saloon

View from the front

Pictures of the Iron Horse Saloon around 12:00pm

@ @ From the front

Pictures around 6:00pm. @ @

Harley-Davidson of Daytona

A view

A blue machine from Universal Studios

The blue shark side view

A Harley in the sky

It's in the sky

The Boot Hill Saloon and Main Street. We made it to the crowded street of Main Street. The following is a collection of pictures from there. Finally a lady in the picture Boot Hill Saloon @ @ @ @ @

Pictures at the Ocean Convention Center or in it. @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ A 1927 Harley-Davidson A 1927 Harley-Davidson Plate for the 1927 Harley-Davidson @ @

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